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Eyes are the most expressive and important part of a human faces same as car’s headlights are its most expressive component. If there is a single car component that leaves a lasting impression more than most other components then it is the car’s headlights.

Headlights are the main focus of intense creativity and innovation. This has meant over the years headlights have evolved a lot. Years ago, simple lamp decades and now a highly engineered product with diverse capabilities.

Today there are lots of colours available in the car’s headlight like white, blue, yellow etc. Modern headlights now consist of more than one bulb. The beam is projected by computer designed reflector profiles for optimal illumination of the road. Today the headlights can be adjusted to customize the height at which the beam is thrown. We can see headlights as a stylist function just because of its engineering and advance functionality.

Headlights are the mainly required body part of car. Today in the world of competition and technology every company has came out with latest designed headlights which increase car’s design. Wrap around headlights that dominate the front looks of the car have been the rage in the last few years. As days passed you may see changes in this also. The next big innovation is LED headlights.

Now you may have question that what is LED headlights. LED headlights have several advantages. They consume less power and they need not to be housed as a single large light. Each individual LED can be placed somewhere on the front of the car and whole new design possibilities are emerging. The other new innovation is halogen headlights, Xenon headlights which are very bright.

Though you have purchase your car time ago but you can enjoy the excitement of technological developments by adding products to your car and can modify them. You have to be aware of latest technology to live in today.

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